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Cause and Effect

            A rupture in the main pipeline leading from Texas to Tucson caused the gas shortage that recently plagued our city. This shortage lead to a plethora of chaos, located in our gas stations, and the outrageous price gouging that the owners participated in.
             The direct cause for this shortage was of course the rupture in the pipeline. Begin the only pipeline supplying gas to the Phoenix area; the gas companies would need to stretch the amount of gas they were distributing on a weekly basis. Most stations had their tanks empty from customers within hours; other stations ran out of gas nearly a day later. .
             With only so much fuel to be shipped from the yard to the various gas stations, tankers found themselves in a dilemma. Constantly being followed by angry consumers, and having to take responsibility for the even distribution of the short supply of fuel, they were most likely the group to be more effected by this shortage than anyone.
             As a result to this necessity shortage, the people of our city became irate and dangerous. From the time we were informed about this situation, until the pipeline was repaired, every gas station that was still operational was a mad house. In order to get gasoline you had to sit in line for at least two maybe three hours, with two dozen other people whore are becoming aggravated by the wait combined with the heat, before you get to a pump. When these angry, hostile people finally get out of their car to pump gas, they become enraged and through tantrums about how long they waited and how much they have to pay for their gas.
             Thankfully this was a serious problem that received immediate attention and was fixed right away. Hopefully the people who make the decisions about the construction of pipelines will okay plans for a backup or alternate pipeline, so this type of problem won't happen again.

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