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Car Maintenance Cause and Effect

             Car maintenance can be a hassle, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. The car's manual is a great resource to follow in keeping up with its maintenance. The simple task of keeping up with the car's maintenance can save you the expense from having to go to a repair shop and having your car fixed because of neglect. The routine maintenance for a car is interior and exterior maintenance, engine maintenance, and tire maintenance. Depending how the person takes care of his or her car will affect the performance and life of the car.
             When trying to keep the interior and exterior of a vehicle looking superior, the proper products are required. There are many products on the market that can be used to protect the interior and exterior of the car from harmful elements. Harmful elements include ultra violent rays and acid rain. These harmful elements cause leather to crack, the dashboard to fade, and paint to flake and chip off. A product, such as Armorall, can be used to protect leather from fading and cracking, and the dashboard from fading. Many people use polishes and waxes to protect paint on the car from fading and chipping due to the effects of the sun and acidic rain.
             If a car's engine is consistently maintained, the car will last for many years. It is very important to change the oil in a car every three thousand miles or every three months (whichever comes first) because the oil serves to lubricate parts, keep the engine free of rust and deposits, seal the piston rings and valves against leakage of combustion gases, and cool hot internal surfaces. If the oil is not regularly changed, the engine will rust, there will be leakages in the piston rings and valves, and the parts will not last as long. Antifreeze needs to be checked to keep the engine from severe damage, such as overheating and corrosion to the engine. Antifreeze should be replaced occasionally since the antifreeze gradually degrades into a corrosive acid.

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