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Motor cars are not a danger to our society

            Firstly, cars obviously cause the death of many people, but also can save the lives of many more, both on an economic level and in a simpler sense; ambulances and fire engines are vehicles too, and must be included in this motion. They are responsible for saving many lives every day. On the matter of health, it is a fact that obesity rates are increased by people driving instead of walking and lungs are affected by the air pollution given off. Of course these are important, but smoking damages health far more and causes many more deaths. We should realise that people inhale car fumes, but passive smoking is just as big a problem, if not greater. Of course I shall address all of these issues later on as well.
             There are two main reasons for opinion differences on this issue: the first being the view that either the road deaths is a more important factor than ambulances and fire engines that save lives, or vice versa. The second reason is the weighing up of the health issues involved and the massive strength the motorcar has given to the economy, through international trade, national commerce and public transport. Both of these reasons are important and make a great impact on a person's view of motorcars.
             You will see as I, and my seconder, Mr Hardman, shall put forward, that we admit that the motorcar has some disadvantages, including the loss of many lives, but there are in fact advantages that easily outweigh these and that make the motorcar a great and successful part of society. Firstly to look at the matter on a more general picture, we have the Government and the country's economy. The Government have a fuel tax; from which they receive money that is put straight back in to helping the people. They receive money from the tax that is paid when buying a car. The money goes back goes to the people. And yes, the tax that is put on using a car, the money goes back to the people.

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