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             Patrick's Day, 1989, Shari Lynn Wooster of Trout Run, PA and her 7-week-old daughter, Angela Marie, were killed by a drunk driver less than three miles from their home"" (Mothers). I am a college student and I have seen, and heard of many people driving under the influence of alcohol. Each time that they step behind the wheel, they are gambling with not only their lives, but their passengers and also other drivers that are on the roads. Sometimes they get lucky, and sometimes they don"t. .
             In the year 2001, there were 246 traffic deaths across the state of Nebraska. Of those 246, 96 were alcohol related. That's 39% of all car accident deaths are alcohol induced (Mothers 2). Drinking and driving, underminds the moral foundation that society was built on. Once you get behind the wheel, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the vehicle is driven with safety, to obey the laws of the land, and to love thy neighbor. .
             When a person consumes alcohol it is their responsibility to make sure that they do not get behind the wheel of a car. On the major alcohol consumption holidays, Ronald J. Pilagie pays for taxi services provide free rides home and to other locations to prevent people from driving. As apart of society, I have an obligation to make sure that I can operate my motor vehicle, with my best judgment. Just as they, have an obligation to me to do the same. Driving under the influence of alcohol, is not only a danger to the driver, but to others as well. Should perhaps a person be drinking that night, then they should make plans for a ride from location to location, or a ride home. .
             Even in our childhood, we have rules we must obey otherwise there are consequences. The same follows for those whom drive under the influence of alcohol. The idea of these laws is to not find ways to cheat them, but to follow them to have order and safety remain in a society.

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