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A Study on Morality

            Morality has been the topic of interest since the beginning of human civilization. Through most of history discussions pertaining to the moral aspect of human nature lay in the realm of religion and philosophy. The development of scientific thought brought new tools for understanding of this phenomena and led to the question whether moral sense is part of human nature, the products of biological evolution which can be explained by applying scientific methods, rather than uniquely human asset that being given by transcendent power. Controversial discussions over ecological conservation, human rights issues, genetic research, euthanasia, and definition of the institution of marriage in the recent time raised concern over deteriorating state of moral values and made understanding the nature of morality even more urgent. For centuries people looked to the religion and philosophy to enhance their understanding of this phenomena and chose the right path to follow. Developmental psychologist Paul Bloom argues that morality is evolving product of human biological nature that can be fully understood only through the empirical methods of studying, and his view is well supported by numerous research in the fields of biology, neuroscience, and psychology in the recent years.
             In the article "Did God make these babies moral?" Paul Bloom holds a position that morality has its roots in human biology and it is shaped by social environment without the influence of any supernatural intervention. Bloom suggests that the growing body of scientific knowledge in the field of evolutionary biology and anthropology confirms that traits necessary for the forming human morality are essential for survival and reproduction of biological species. .
             Bloom insists that these findings disprove the theory that morality is a pure human phenomena and support his view that moral capacities are the product of natural selection, not divine intervention.

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