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            People are becoming more and more devoid of morals.
             Just about all of us have a set of rules that we live by, a personal list of do's and don'ts that is based on our own belief system. These sets of rules are what make us unique and set us apart from the animals. However, now, more than ever, our society represents one based on a foundation of immorality and principles that are meaningless. As we look outside our windows, vast amounts of crime, war, and lies is all that can be seen. There seems to be an abundance of publicists, lobbyists, marketers, and lawyers who all they want is money, and they do whatever it takes to get it, without any disregard for anyone or anything that gets in their way. This compromise of morals may soon lead the world into chaos and disorder. .
             How can one define morality? What is right and wrong? What is good and evil? It is mankind's most crucial element. Morality is the basis in which man judges himself. It is a science; one that stands apart from the rest in that it investigates the way in which a man can reason, how they should reason, and why they should reason. Although our notion of a "science" seems to deviate the psychological sense and aim more at the physical or mathematical aspect, morality is one of the few that deal with the human conscience and its power to make reasonable decisions that is in the best interest of one's self or others. It is a "living science", one of those sciences that we cannot live without. For that reason, it is our duty to investigate it thoroughly, comprehend its shortcomings, and look to fulfill our goals to the best of our ability. .
             Morality has greatly evolved ever since the first humans roamed Earth. The people of the Stone Age had very little or no concept of morality. Men who lived in the Stone Age believed that dragging around a mate by the ends of her hair was not only acceptable, but it reared one's pride and displayed a sign of power among the males, which comes much to the disgust of today's women because now it would be considered sexist just to even think of it, when men and women are equal as far as the role of gender is concerned.

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