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Cause and Effect of Technologi

             Due to the past advances in technology, the daily lives of people have become more convenient. Without the comforts of technology, most people would have no idea what to do or how to survive. During this short period of time, there have been many technological advances. Technological advances in machinery, transportation, and communication have given mankind a chance to live longer and more efficiently. Along with the benefits of technology, there are also some negative side effects. Has man become so dependent and slave-like to the innovative pleasures of these times? Although technology may seem like a positive thing for man, the negative factors of these technological advances such as lack of human interaction and laziness have caused more problems than anticipated. .
             Progress is predictable. Without the progress, nothing can continue or get better. Mankind could not have made this far without changes. Although progress is beneficial and can be a good thing, there are always both positive and negative aspects in everything.
             Technological advances have not always been involved in just the mechanical or communication aspects. From early days of civilization to Internet highways of today, society has always been inspired to make things better. Aldo Leopold said it best when he described how man works for the necessities in life such as "safety, prosperity, and comfort," (Leopold 680). Trying to achieve all these things is a good thing, but the negative side to it is that whether all these things are truly necessary. Is there a limit to how much good progress can do for people? .
             In "Letter to President Pierce, 1855", Chief Seattle discusses how "There is no quiet place in the white man's cities," (678). People become so involved in the improvements of today that the simple parts of life are being ignored. This quote may have been from a significantly different time period, but it describes how man is so concerned about advancing in society and living life more comfortably that the little things in life have been neglected.

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