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What is Love?

             Love is believable and unbelievable.
             Love is all about showing ineffable feelings, affections, and solicitude toward a person whom you care about. It can also be expressed in many ways. Love has so many definitions and it is define differently to others in their own opinions.
             As in the Merriam-Webster's online dictionary would state the meaning as .
             "Strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, or attraction based on sexual desire, affection, and tenderness felt by lovers or affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests" .
             A person who is in love might say that love is a best thing that could ever happen to them. Love to them is a world with no hate, crime, and loneliness. The only thing they see is happiness, charms in people's smiles, and how beautiful is the world .
             People are not the only ones' who fall are in love and can tell what love is, but animals can do the same. Instead of saying what love is to them, they express it by showing affection. Attachment is the key word to this. They are attached to their mate, owner, or favorite person. They show affection to them. .
             Love can be what ever a person wants it to be. It can be a dream, person, favorite food, color, clothes, animal and almost any thing that is around them. Being in love is being infatuated and obsessed. Some people are obsessed with some of these things or are just infatuated by them.
             Love also is sacrifices and compromises. Sacrifice is something, which a person gives up that they value and treasure in order to gain the person's love. Fore example, in a romantic movie, were a girl leaves her parents so she can be with the boy who she loves and is willing to spend her whole entire life with him, is called sacrificing. She is sacrificing her family for her love. In addition, compromise comes in that part. The girl is compromising to spend her entire life with him.

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