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Love canal

            All life on earth is similar in that at one point in time it will begin and at any point after that it can end. The interim between the two significant quordinate is the time that is given to the species to have an active effect on others and their environment. This effect can of course be positive or negative. Humans having quite arguably the greatest intelligent do have had the greats effect on the ecosystems and the environment. Far too often this effect is negative due to carelessness and reckless disregard. A great example of the idiocy of humanity is located in the Niagara Falls regions of New York. This is a location of Love Canal. .
             In 1953 Hooker Chemical and Plastics whose name has since been changed to Occidental Chemical sold a parcel of land next to Love Canal to the Niagara Falls School District. What the company didn't tell anyone is that they had dumped more than 21,000 tons or 42 million pounds of chemical waste into the canal, and that the landfill next door was being used as a dump for another 318 million pounds of chemical sludge. A school was built and a neighborhood grew up around the site, blissfully unaware of the nearby poison. In the mid seventies, a few years of higher-than-average rainfall raised the water table, and strange things started leaching into the basements of homes from the landfill, things like pesticides and dioxin which is possibly the most toxic substance known to man. .
             In 1980 a report was published that suggested that the residents of Love Canal were being exposed to chemicals that were causing chromosome damage. In fact newborns had a 56 percent chance of some sort of birth defect. All residents were ordered to evacuate after Congress appropriated 15 million dollars to buy out the residents. Over 900 families lost their homes while many others lost their life's from diseases that they had gotten from the exposure. .
             The cleanup was massive.

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