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Kookiness, murder and rage

            Arsenic and Old Lace, a well written Shakespearian comedy was the script chosen for this years Fall Play. All of the play takes place in September, 1941 in the Brooklyn, New York home of Abby and Martha Brewster. The Brewster sisters are crazy lunatics that rent out the extra room in the household. Also living in the house is Mortimer Brewster, a nephew of the sisters. He is madly in love with a neighbor named Elaine Harper. There is one slight problem, Mortimer is afraid to marry Elaine because he doesn't want to pass the craziness in the Brewster family along. Still with the one extra room, they don't rent the room out to any normal person, they enjoy renting the room out to older men that are lonely and don't have a family. When the room is occupied by an elderly man, they make him comfortable, and give him the appearance that he is in a family relationship. Then the Brewster sisters slip arsenic into their famous Elderberry wine killing their resident. This would happen throughout the duration of the show. After the resident was dead, their mentally ill son Teddy would burry them in the basement. The sisters tricked Teddy into thinking that he was President Theodore Roosevelt, and that he was digging the graves as part of the Panama Canal. The sisters eventually accumulated thirteen people during their life time. Dashing into the story comes the Brewster's other son Jonathan and his kooky scientist Dr. Einstein. They too are murderers they just have a different way of killing people. They travel across the globe killing people. Dr. Einstein and Jonathan find their way back to the place of Jonathan's birth. He was not wanted by the Brewster's, and therefore was shipped out of the family. Jonathan was desperately in need of a face change; because the first time Dr. Einstein tried to do the procedure he was drunk. However, the two travelers were not alone. They had just killed someone, and they needed a place to dispose of the body.

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