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Road Rage

             Remember back to the last time that you were running late for an important .
             If your life is anything like mine you get stopped at .
             every red light, grandpa in front of you is going twenty miles under the speed limit, and .
             you come across a detour. How you handle these situations is the key. Are you one to .
             be patient and have the laid back attitude that when you get there you get there; or are .
             you the type of person to give the person the finger, yell and tailgate the person, and .
             endanger lives? Road rage has become an obvious epidemic, but how serious is it really? .
             From the crazy, catchy, headlines it is intriguing. Why do people have such rage, and .
             what causes it are among the various questions I have often wondered. Are they really .
             just crazies? We shall find out, but travel at you own risk! .
             The definition of road rage is very widely noted. Since it is still a relatively new .
             term a formal definition has not yet been established. Arnold Nerenberg, a clinical .
             psychologist defines it as "A mental disorder and a social disease". Including drivers .
             reacting with anger at another driver, the anger is expressed overtly and communicated .
             to the other. Nerenberg has established a new diagnosis called "road rage disorder". .
             More than fifty three percent of the population has this disorder, and keeps growing and .
             growing. (Fumento, "Road Rage Furry"). One reason for the continual increase of road .
             rage is that children who grow up with someone who demonstrates road rage have a .
             predisposition to later developing the same behaviors. Nurenberg describes .
             four major traffic situations that often trigger road rage: Feeling endangered, being .
             detained by others who are going slow, watching others break the rules of the road, and .
             feeling the need to retaliate (Goehing, Jan "Aggressive Driving"). These situations .
             definitely sound accurate to me. Although I am a very cautious driver, these things set .

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