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Road Rage

             Perhaps you were driving and weren't paying attention and to make your exit, you cut someone off. You might have done it innocently and not thought anything of it, but to that driver, you offended him/her. Soon you find yourself with a maniac following you and your heart starts to race. That's how many incidents start out but many have a different ending. To know the possible causes and effects of road rage, you may be able to prevent it from happening.
             I. The common thought of road rage is typically wrong.
             A. There are two different types of offenses, aggressive driving, and road rage. .
             1. Aggressive driving is an offense such as tailgating, speeding, and other forms of carelessness driving. .
             2. Road rage is a criminal offense, this happens when a traffic incident rises to some type of violence. .
             a) This is usually some type of physical confrontation or assault with vehicle or a weapon. .
             II. Many things can cause road rage, some of which you wouldn't think of.
             A. In a few cases, the incidents are little misunderstandings between drivers. .
             1. The offending driver may realize right away he/she has done wrong, but the other driver thinks that they have to be taught a lesson. .
             2. Sometimes road rage has nothing to do with the driving at all. .
             a) The driver might have had problems at work or at home and has all this anger built up inside. Until, there is something to trigger the built up frustration.
             b) While people are at work, school, or at home, they are confined and must deal with the stress. So the only time they get to have a feeling of freedom, is while driving, and when it is threatened, people often react. .
             B. There is different attitudes drivers show while driving. .
             1. Carelessness driving is the highest cause of accidents.
             a) Drivers not watching or paying attention to their surroundings, could easily make someone upset.
             2. Many reckless drivers are teenagers who haven't had their license long enough, to make the right decisions.

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