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Road Rage

             There are some idiots on the road these days. Some drivers are just too aggressive; other drivers are plainly not aggressive enough. Some others just never should have gotten their license in the first place. Many of these types of drivers can frustrate any ordinary person. Frustration can make your angry. Anger can make you irrational. This can lead to dangerous behavior. Most road rage incidents start off as a simple encounter between two drivers. An initial encounter can soon escalate and lead to more aggressive and dangerous behavior. Many people have termed this type of behavior "road rage".
             Through out my paper I am going to discuss what is road rage, why do we have it, who has it, when road rage occurs, and where it occurs.
             You've heard about it, and if you somehow haven't, then listen up. Road Rage is all about speed. It's all about tailgating. It's all about car chases, sudden and dangerous lane changes. Cutting people off, swerving in and out of traffic, blocking lanes, and constantly hitting the gas or the brakes. Road Rage is driving with no respect or regard for others on the road. .
             Maybe you have experienced this every time you drive. Weather you have or haven't, no matter, you can crash, get hurt, hurt others or worse yet kill someone. You can be arrested, jailed, loose your license and your self-respect. Some people experience yelling or cursing. Hand or face gestures and in many cases, people have hurt others or been hurt themselves. A look turns to yelling. Yelling turns to fights and in some cases the vehicle turns into a weapon. When a driver has road rage, every one and their vehicle become an obstacle to get by or in front of.
             Road Rage is becoming a part of our culture. Born in congested cities, it has spread to the over populates suburbs. Life keeps getting faster and faster leaving much less time for family friends and us. Red lights turning green become the signal of what drag races are made of.

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