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Love and Lust in Romeo and Juliet

             In William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, love seems to be demonstrated but the power of lust takes over. The protagonists named Romeo and Juliet who seem to be in love but in reality, they are misled by lust. Romeo and Juliet decided to hide their marriage because they know that their families are at feud and their marriage needed to be kept a secret. Confused from what love really is, they immediately attract on each other. These two proclaimed lovers were married too quickly. They were also too young at their time of marriage. Lastly, they liked the idea of love itself, rather than loving the person. Romeo and Juliet was not in love, their relationship was based on physical attraction and lust.
             Romeo and Juliet's decision to get married came very fast and was definitely rushed. Their decision to get married comes after a few very short conversations. Their decision to spend the rest of their life with each other comes too soon. They barely even got to know each other. In the beginning of the play at the Capulet party, Romeo and Juliet interact for the first time. In such a brief span of time, they already decide to be life-long partners. It is evident that Juliet's affection for Romeo arises extremely quickly because right after their first encounter, Juliet states, "If [Romeo] is married, my grave is like to be my wedding bed"" (1.5.136-137). In Romeo's part, Romeo finds out the truth about Juliet's family background and declares, "O dear account! My life is my foe's dept."" (1.5.120). Juliet is already making plans to kill herself if Romeo is already married while just before that, Romeo is already putting Juliet in the life of his hands. This shows that their relationship is built on physical attraction and lust, not love. .
             Romeo and Juliet are too young at the time of their marriage when one considers the nature of their "romantic love"." They are too immature and are not mentally prepared to be married at such a young age.

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