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Forms of Love in Romeo and Juliet

            Throughout human existence, creativity, such as that in music or literature, has been inspired by many things. These things include fear, anticipation, hate, and, most importantly, love. The creativity based on love has produced many forms of art, one of which being theatre. Of plays, the majority presents love in at least one form. The famous play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, reflects the archetype of love in two forms, thereby enhancing he greatness of the play.
             The two forms of love in the play are "love at first sight," and "immortal love." In the beginning of the story, Romeo, a main character, enters, sad from his unreturned love for Rosaline, a minor character. This love is better defined as lust, or love at first sight, as Romeo did not even know Rosaline, and had only seen her. Later in the story, Romeo meets Juliet, and they both love each other. However, at first this is only love at first sight. It later develops, though, into immortal love. When the two cannot have each other, they prefer to die, rather than to be without each other. This everlasting love is pure, and much better than love at first sight.
             The use of two forms of love in this play drastically increases its greatness and wisdom. In modern times, most art deals only with one form of loge. Although these two forms of love are very different, they usually go hand in hand in life. Much modern literature says contrary though, but it's very hard for two to have undying love for one another, without first having love at first sight. After all, in most cases, two people will not even talk, if there is no initial attraction. The fact that Shakespeare recognizes this relationship and includes both of these forms of love greatly improves the effect of his play. The play would not be as famous without the contrast. In fact, Shakespeare himself would not be as famous today if he had not noticed the relationship and contrast between the forms of love.

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