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Romeo & Juliet

            L1 English Essay- William Shakespeare's .
             "What type of love is the most powerful in Romeo & Juliet?" Discuss:.
             In the book "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare there are many powerful types of love demonstrated. The love of friendship that is shown between many characters such as Mercutio and Romeo, the love of family that is very obvious in both families, the love of god and religious aspects and the most powerful which is true love, between the two main characters, Romeo and Juliet. The true love of Romeo and Juliet puts this story into the category of a love tragedy.
             The love of friendship is demonstrated right from the start where the two families are fighting against each other and their friends are protecting them and putting themselves on the line for each other. These friends have a great deal of respect and gallant admiration for each other, right up until the end. .
             Family love in "Romeo and Juliet" is different to that of the love experience by friends. This love is stronger because both families are extremely proud of their name and the reputations they have made for each other. Each family member is so committed and loyal that whatever problem may arise there is always someone to fight on their behalf without question. This can be seen when Benvolio defends his family members, Gregory and Sampson, against Tybalt by first asking Tybalt to put his sword up but eventually coming to blows as Tybalt would not give in. .
             Another type of love is that which is felt towards God; both families feel this greatly. Each member wears a cross, a symbol of this love. Friar Laurence, God's representative, is continually settling the ongoing disputes that arise between the Capulet and Montague families. Friar Laurence also has a major influence on the main characters, Romeo and Juliet by acknowledging their relationship and agreeing to marry them in the hope that the two families would be reconciled.

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