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Romeo and Juliet

            Love is a most powerful, complex, and dangerouse emotion some people would say, but in this play Shakespeare agrees with some people and says that it is. Some people might disagree but I don't I think that it is and in this essay I will show what I mean by that. In this essay I will talk about complex feelings like Romeo and Juliet's love for each other, I will talk about how Love is powerful because you cant control it and I will also talk about how Romeo and Juliets love is dangerous in the play Romeo and Juliet.
             The complex feelings are caused because Romeo was infatuated with the way that Juliet looked with out knowing that she was a Capulet. I wonder if he would still think that if he knew that she was a Capulet. There love is supposed to be forbidden like for example if Adolf Hitler had a daughter and she wanted to marry a Jewish man, Hitler wouldn't allow it same way the Capulets wouldn't allow one of there own to marry a Montague. Romeo is a fickle bastard. .
             Love is a powerful emotion and cant be controlled, it just happens everyone will find love one day but until your day comes you wont know what its like unless you have already found it. Some people get hurt because of love, some people are happy when they find love. It makes some friendships stronger and even breaks some up. Love is a strong emotion and shouldn't be toyed with because somebody will get hurt. In Romeo and Juliet I don't think that is love I think that its lust for one another. They are just children and don't know what love is. I think that how they get married is a bit stupid what's the good in getting married if no one knows about it.
             Romeo and Juliets love is very dangerous because they are very young and if they didn't commit suicide they would've gotten really hurt and instead of being together they will be broken up. Romeo would probably get killed by the Capulets and the Montagues would take revenge out on the Capulets.

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