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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet : Aspects of Love

            Love is a major theme within Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It is contained in many various forms, namely, familial or kinship love, fraternal or brotherly love, sexual love, romantic and true love, and healing love. All of the characters exhibit at least one of these as the story progresses. .
             Familial love can be applied to both the two main protagonists and their parents. It is seen early in the play when we see the Montague family concerned for their son, Romeo, who is infatuated with Rosaline. The way in which they discuss Romeo's dilemma with their nephew Benvolio indicates that they are concerned for their son's wellbeing much more then their possessions. Coupled with the fact that Montague offered to raise Juliet's statue in gold at the very end, knowing that Romeo had preferred to die rather then live without her, makes Montague's intentions true. Furthermore the love between Romeo and his family is so strong that, on realising that her son was exiled, Lady Montague died of grief. Juliet's family, however, is slightly different. Capulet, in treating Juliet as a mere possession when he forces her to marry Count Paris, also starts off the chain of events that ultimately lead to the tragic demise of Romeo and Juliet. Her mother also agrees with her husband and disregards Juliet's emotions when she quotes, "Talk not to me, for I"ll not speak a word. / Do as though wilt, for I have done with thee," as Juliet asks for her support. At first Juliet is generally obedient and willing to her parents"decisions ("Than your consent gives strength to make it fly."), however after she meets Romeo and discovers true love, her attitude changes entirely. Supporting Romeo even when Tybalt, her cousin, is slain by him. She quotes, "O Tybalt, Tybalt, the best friend I ever had" and "My dearest cousin and my dearer lord." Originating with kinship love, Juliet evolves in the presence of Romeo and develops a romantic, true love.

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