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Love Languages

             One might ask, "How is love expressed? Are there certain categories in which love falls? How do different people react to love?" Love is expressed through a variety of mediums. In fact, love is categorized into five basic categories: words of affirmation, quality time, giving of gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Love is received and perceived by individuals on an individual basis. One might express/feel love through words of affirmation and their best friend could receive it through quality time. Every one is different and that is what makes love so unique.
             Words of affirmation are a very common way to show love to someone. This type of love is shown on a sports field, in a classroom, or virtually in any setting. Verbal compliments, or words of appreciation, are powerful communicators of love. When one is expressing love through words of affirmation one should remember to stick straight to the point and to be clear and straightforward. Looking back upon ones friendships and relationships, pictures of two people sitting together under the stars, or driving together for hours to reach a prized destination are common in every day life. The main aspect of quality time is togetherness. Togetherness has to do with focused attention, but quality time does not mean that people have to spend every moment together gazing into each other's eyes. It means doing something together and giving full attention to the other person.
             Giving of gifts seems to be a tradition of birthdays and Christmas because gifts are visual symbols of love. Gifts often tell of ones inner soul through other mediums besides words. Gifts can be as simple as a hug or card or as deep as a homemade gift or expensive car. What makes a gift a language of love is the heart behind it. If a person is giving with a heart that is pure and loving they are sharing their visual symbol of love. Acts of service require time and a humble heart.

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