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Human Rights

             Throughout history, Children have suffered because their human rights have been overlooked. Some people believe that enough has been done to reduce these abuses. Children have been abused in many ways, including Poverty. Poverty has caused companies to use children as cheap laborers to gain a profit. There are some sweatshops that are still operating and have children working for low wages.
             Children were forced to work at a young age to help support their family. Children worked long hours for low wage, and had no safety precaution or health benefits. Due to poverty they had no days off and the food they got at work was terrible. Sometimes they got warm salted water or a potato and coffee flavored water. No education was provided for these children, only the children of wealthy families were educated.
             In some places children's rights are being abused. Young men and women as well as ethnic minorities were withheld from the opportunity of being educated. That's until conventions on the rights of children was ratified in many countries. Increasing budget allocations for children and strengthening children related legislation was a step in improving the rights of children. The government helped strengthen the children's health, education and social welfare, which included the 1948/1951 child labor laws and 1979 child welfare law.
             In conclusion children that were poor had to work to help their families put food on the table. While the rich children had the luxury of getting an education. Now there are laws that protect children's rights, even if in some countries they overlook these rights. There are enough problems in the world, as if poverty was not children have to work an neglect an education. .

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