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The Taking of Human Rights

            An English woman, referred to as Stacy, was forced by her boyfriend into prostitution. She was incessantly physically abused and sexually assaulted. Stacy "genuinely felt trapped," [With] no value other than to make money for somebody else", working as his slave (London Woman Shares 1). This tragedy, unfortunately, is one of many cases of denied human rights against a certain people. In addition to the infringement of women's human rights, the Jewish people have also had their rights neglected. Along with severe torture and discrimination towards the Judaists, by 1945, two out of every three European Jews had been killed in the Holocaust (The Holocaust 1). Their restriction from a life of freedom violated their human rights. Researchers at University of Cincinnati Hospital kept 16 mentally disabled patients in refrigerated cabinets for 120 hours at 30 degrees Fahrenheit (Human Experiments 1). Therefore, they took advantage of them and stripped them of their basic human rights. Everyone must act upon their responsibility to preserve other people's human rights in order to protect their well-being. .
             While they should have taken action, many countries simply stood by and watched as the entire Jewish population's rights were violated. Auschwitz was a camp that "engaged in brutal medical experiments by Dr. Joseph Mengele who was most interested in experimenting with twins where he subjected them to extreme temperatures or injected dye into their eyes to change the color" (The Jewish Holocaust). Essentially, Dr. Mengele is denying these people basic human rights. The other nations take no action to assist, where it is their responsibility to protect other people's human rights before danger can reach them. Primo Levi recounts the horrors of his time spent in the Auschwitz concentration camp when "[him and the others] received the first blows: and it was so new and senseless that [they] felt no pain, neither in body nor in spirit.

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