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Understanding Human and Women's Rights

            All around the world, humans yearn for one thing: to be free. Unfortunately, being free isn't so easy to achieve in other countries than it is in the United States. Nations around the globe have enforced constitutional democracy as an ethical norm in order to help protect the rights of citizens. The ability to "be free" is all branched down to the protection of human rights, as well as women's rights. Cyrus R. Vance proclaimed three essential parts of human rights. These three parts include the right to be free of violations of the integrity of the person (torture and arbitrary arrest/imprisonment), the right to the fulfillment of vital needs (shelter, food, education, and healthcare), and last but not least, the right to enjoy civil and political liberties (freedom of thought, religion, assembly, speech, and the press; freedom of movement both within and outside one's country; and freedom to take part in government) (Reimer p. 369). Although there is no universal agreement of what the term "human rights" really means, it is argued to come down to one main claim: freedom.
             A perfect example of the violation of human rights is genocide, specifically the Holocaust. Six million Jewish people were tortured and slaughtered solely because of Adolf Hitler's prejudice towards Jews and his goal to make the Aryan race the "supreme and master race", thus far clearly indicating the violation of Vance's demonstration of the basic components of human rights. Genocide is defined as the systematic mass destruction of a racial, ethic, national, or religious group and is often coined as the most prominent violation of human rights.
             Sexism is arguably the root to why women's rights are being violated in the first place. The rights of women in particular are being shunned massively throughout the globe. Sadly, in many countries, women are believed to be inferior. The belief that men are superior to women, otherwise known as patriarchy, has a huge negative impact on the rights of women (Reimer p.

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