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Animal Rights

            I do not believe that Human life is superior by virtue of being human. I believe other animals have just as much a right to exist on this planet as we do. Over the years, I have somehow fostered a greater respect for the other lesser species that inhabit the earth; respect greater than what I currently hold for most of the human race. In fact, so strange is our race today, I would hardly classify it as a race of mammals. Every other mammal lives in harmony with its environment, existing without disrupting the food chain. Except us. We are tailoring the world as it suits us. Living in harmony with nature be damned, we want our SUVs, jetskis and yachts, and all other symbols of affluence and indulgence. But obviously, all this comes at an expense, and the ones who are paying it, are all other species that inhabit the planet. There is inherent beauty in watching animals, something that I cannot always say about the human race. Even some of the most beautiful women, have the unattractiveness of excessive vanity. Sadly, most people have only observed the beauty of animals at the zoo, which perhaps leads to the apathy they feel toward animal rights. Animals are just food, or something that kids like to pet at a zoo, or worse innocent targets for our modern hunters. Yes, the brave hunters who feed their ego not their stomachs by hunting, or hang a trophy attesting their bravery up on their walls. It is people like these that I loathe. Ever since I was young, I have continually had pets, which I guess influenced my soft spot for animals. People with pets generally seem slightly more sympathetic to animals. There are exceptions however. There is a breed of humans that have IQs lower than their pets. They are the ones that simply buy a dog or a cat because its cute, before truly understanding the responsibilities of having one. Since it's just a dog or a cat all it needs is food, they think. After the first week, their enthusiasm flags.

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