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Women and Globalization

            According to Moghadam (as cited in Bacchus, 2003) globalization has become one of the recurring themes in 21st century, which affected to the various dimensions of life: economy, capital mobilization, and political views. This term has positive effects on women including education and new technology in healthcare. Globalization gives an opportunity to women in developed countries, but leads to social exclusion in developing countries in the sphere of education and in determining the standards of beauty, due to its inconsistency through the world it results in conflicts.
             Crucial point of development of countries is the gender equality, especially feminism. Without a doubt globalization has opened up new ways of development, however its unequal distribution has resulted in a social collapse of women among economically different countries. According to Neumayer and de Soysa (as cited in Cho, 2012) globalization has positively affected women, however these authors focusing only on economic integration. But, women's rights are not counted as an important resource which is the branch of social globalization. The human dignity is directly created upon the principles of human rights, however the balance between women rights and globalization is not maintained well. Rosenau claims that (as cited in Cho, 2012) people in a socially globalized countries are respectful to each other's thoughts and show high level of correlation. Because social globalization provides a huge opportunity to communicate and make networks with another community through the distinct countries. So, by providing an opportunity to be equal women, will be implemented with good jobs and successful career, rather than being diminished by others' thoughts and have destructed their rights.
             One of the critical pathways to social and economic development is women education. Globalization is playing an important role in this sphere, because it promotes a creation of an international committees as free education for all(EFA) and universal primary education.

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