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A Global Epidemic

             Using Physical Force to hurt somebody or damage something. Illegal Force of unjustified force, or the effect created by the threat of this. .
             (Encarta Dictionary 2002 page 1983) .
             Violence against women occurs in many different forms and in many different places throughout the world. Over twenty percent of the world's women have been physically or sexually assaulted by a man. And every year two million girls ages five to fifteen are trafficked, sold or coerced into the commercial sex market, including prostitution. A London based institute stated that women everywhere are more inclined to be assaulted or harassed not by strangers but by their partners, neighbors, family members and colleagues. Stereotyping abusers as minorities or underprivileged society members are also a mistake considering that abusers emerge from all different types of nationalities and social strata. The most common type of Violence against women is domestic violence which wasn't even declared a breach of human rights until 1993. Domestic violence can be not only physically traumatizing but also emotionally humiliating. It will ruin the victims self esteem and causes drastic mental repercussions for young children if they happen to be subject to the crime. Over twenty five percent of women are struck during pregnancy. Another common crime against women is Rape. Rape is obviously a very traumatizing event and can lead to many complications including unwanted pregnancy, emotional breakdown, diseases such as AIDS and even death. These unwanted violent crimes of women occur everyday in every country, province, state and in any town. A young Kenyen girl was force to drop out of school at age fourteen because she became pregnant due to a violent gang rape only 2 blocks from her school. This is an example of just how bad this epidemic is becoming. When each year over seven hundred thousand women are raped in the United States alone and sixty seven percent of rural living women and fifty six percent of urban living women are physically abused globally, something must be done.

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