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The Competitive Business of Global Tourism

            By its very nature, tourism is a global and intensely competitive industry. Although inherently vulnerable to economic crises, natural disasters and outbreaks of warfare and epidemics, international from the adverse effects of such negative, but short-term factors. However, not only does the consumer have to spend relatively large amount of his/her disposable income to buy the tourism product, he also perceives it in a subjective and experiential manner. As a result, tourism is highly sensitive to perceptions of danger and lack of safety and security. The lack of safety and security and incidences of crime represent a more serious threat to travel and tourism than any other negative factor. Safety and security are vital to providing quality in tourism. More than any other economic activity, the success or failure of a tourism destination depends on being able to provide a safe and secure environment for visitors.
             The hospitality industry has seen tremendous change over the last decade. Hospitality business today is an integral part of the human life whether in a commercial scale or small scale. Although, the hospitality industry is seen to be booming as new structures are being put up every day, it is yet to strike a major impact in the country as compared to other hospitality businesses. Safety and security management has emerged as a vital tool that drives among businesses. Studies indicate that the overriding concern that drives hospitality industry is the provision of adequate safety and security to guests. Whether it is a speedy check-in, prompt and courteous delivery of room service, or simply emptying ashtrays; everything is guest-centric with emphasis on the speed and quality of delivery. This issue affects safety and security in that the definition of this function, as understood by many within the industry, is mutually exclusive to fulfilling this primary objective. Many believe that adequate safety and security is a major determinant for promoting destination image and thereby increases the number of visits.

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