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Tourism marketing CFS

             Business Definition & Scope 3- 4.
             Mission Statement 4.
             Company Values 4- 5.
             Corporate & Company Objectives 5- 6.
             Business Marketing Mix Objectives 6- 7.
             Production Issues 7- 8.
             Customer Satisfaction & Market Research 8.
             Strategic & Tactical Plan 9.
             Marketing Mix Strategies 10-12.
             Conclusion & Recommendations 12.
             Reference List 13.
             Appendix One 14.
             The purpose of this report is to outline a marketing & promotional strategy for Discover! designed to attract new customers while building on the rapport that exists with current clientele.
             Critical success factors Discover! within the highly competitive niche market of trekking holidays include market demand (target & positioning), product supply (activities, attractions, accommodation), marketing & promotional activities and human resources.
             The mission statement for Discover! is Discover! - a smaller, friendly & exclusive company'. As a result Discover! Do not wish to compete with its two major competitors on price. Rather, Discover! would prefer to reinforce to their customers the quality of product & service reflected by slightly higher price, with a view to increasing brand awareness & building brand loyalty.
             Discover!'s corporate objectives include:.
             To expand its current client base from only English speaking persons, to bi or multi lingual persons.
             To increase repeat purchases loyalty from 30%-60% over a 2 year period.
             To increase new client enquiries to a $75% sales strike rate, leading to,.
             An increase in Discover!'s market share by 10% per annum.
             To position Discover! as a major competitor among the two category leaders.
             To differentiate Discover! as a smaller, friendlier, more exclusive company.
             To generate consistent business throughout the year, creating increased brand awareness & continuity program.

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