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Marketing Tourism

             Aim: To examine the effects of marketing techniques used in tourist brochures or web sites.
             The aim of this assignment is to investigate the effects of marketing techniques used in tourist brochures or web sites. I will examine the choices that determine why people choose to go to their specific destination. I will also explain the management procedures that are employed by tourist destinations to control the movements of tourist, and how this determines the movements of tourist. The marketing techniques used by people employed in the tourism industry in attempt to sell products to tourist and weather I believe these methods are ethical.
             Why people choose their destination of travel at a certain time of the year, the activities undertook while in their particular destination and how much time they spend in a certain destination are all determined by a number of factors. These factors include cost, attractions, language, history, climate, family, geographical location, culture, political unrest and the exchange rate. The most common factor amongst most people is the cost price to travel and stay in a certain destination. This prices change throughout the year depending on the seasons as there are peak and low periods in the tourist industry. Places like Vanuatu will have cheaper rates in the winter then it would in the summer as a place such as Vanuatu is in demand for tourist in the summer.
             Attractions in a destination can also be an influence when the time comes to decide the destination you travel to. The attractions will vary depending on the people travelling to the destination as some people may be attracted to museums and other my be attracted to themes parks or some my just be happy with a beautiful leisure resort.
             The language barrier may be a negative factor to some people but positive to others, as it can be found as a difficulty when communicating. Other my use the language barrier as a learning experience and use their time in a certain destination as a beneficial experience.

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