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Australia Post Travel Insurance

             Internationally, tourism has turned out to be one of the globe's most remarkable developing sectors and industry as a whole. This is so due to the increased number of tourists and travel destinations all over the world with increased tourism spending and arrivals each year. There exists a huge opportunity in terms of economics for every country in the tourism industry if the chance is well utilized (Ambler et al, 2004:476). Tourism is a far-reaching and dynamic industry that has an economic effect so huge that it is felt all over the world and helps in employing thousands of people globally. The main reason for this growth in the global tourism industry is due to the fact that tourism is a collaboration of various businesses like the transport industry, delivering tourists all over the tourist regions, the hotel industry that accommodates the tourists in hospitality and comfort, and all the natural attraction sites and industry that create memories and experiences compelling visitors to visit, make referrals and return. No matter the metrics applied in marketing, tourism in Australia has created a sustainable form of business. It not only provides a secure source of revenue and contribution to the economy, but also it has a unique system and vast influence that improves other the performance level of numerous related sectors as well as industries in Australia. This paper aims at evaluating the marketing tools and metrics for management while understanding the connection between marketing efforts of Travel Insurance and the results. The paper will explore the offerings of Travel Insurance for the occasional traveler and the frequent traveler consumer.
             Australia Post Travel Insurance.
             The travel insurance for the Australia Post helps protect a traveler from unprecedented events when traveling all over the world. The firm delivers mail, helps with consumer and customer parcel delivery, and provides retail networks that support organizations and communities.

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