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International Terrorism And Situation Over Iraq

             I have chosen this theme for my work because terrorism is the most difficult and urgent global problem nowadays. Today there is no pace in the world where man can will feel himself in safety and protection. In all parts of the world each human being should realize what is terrorism? Terrorism has no nationality it's an international evil, which doesn't have any boundaries. It has shown himself everywhere: terrorists from Chechnya who blowed up four houses in Russia, explosions in Israel made by Palestinian terrorists, the 11th of September 2001 when to planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre and another plane crashed into the fields of Pennsylvania and on it were just twelve passengers, just twelve deaths. But each life, each death is invaluable. No matter where you live in cold Siberian tundra or in hot Sahara desert, in wild prairies of Australia or high mountains of the South America, in overcrowded Washington or in small Nepal you must realize what big problem terrorism is and you shouldn't stay in inactivity. Today it is the war of America with Iraq, of Russia with Chechnya, Israel with Palestine. We should get together and win this ruthless enemy. That's why I am gong to tell about this.
             Also, the USA attracted the attention of the World Community to the problem of using weapons of mass destruction by Iraq. The American government charges Iraq in developing biological, chemical and maybe nuclear weapon, which were prohibited in Iraq and some other countries by the UN Security Council in 1991. In the 2002 appeared a fear over the capability of the war between the USA and Iraq. America accuses Iraq in connections with international terrorist organization al Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden; and producing nuclear weapon. .
             Who decides a case without hearing the other side . . .
             Tho he decides justly, cannot be considered just. .

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