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War with Iraq

             In the past few years you have seen much of the world focusing its attention on one small country in this world. This focus has brought about two wars in the past fifteen years for various reasons. The question I bring up is: Is Iraq really that big of a threat to the rest of the world? You hear many political voices speaking of all the threats that Iraq poses against the world, and how much the people over there hate Americans. You also more recently start to hear the opposing view to this with all the anti-war protesters that are coming out to fight our current situation over there. I here each point of view almost every day since this war began, and to be honest I never really knew much about it so I couldn't take a stand on the subject either way. I have really dissected the points of the pro-war and anti-war parties and have created a conclusion of my own. I took the three main issues of our war right now: weapons of mass destruction, the state support for terrorism and a sustained assault on human rights (US dept. of state) and the arguments to each issue to make an educated judgment on our situation. I started with what seemed to be the most prominent point of the war right now; weapons of mass destruction.
             The biggest concern with Iraq seems to be the possibility that they have various weapons of mass destruction that could possibly be used against the US in acts of War or terrorism. Since his defeat in the 1991 Gulf War, Saddam Hussein has demonstrated his contempt for the international community by flouting repeated U.N. demands to eliminate his chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. The UN Security Counsel on November 8, 2002, by a unanimous vote of 15-0 " confirms that Iraq has been and remains in material breach of its obligations. It also states that any additional breaches will result in serious consequences. Since then he has done such things as denied the rights of Weapons inspectors to search certain place and see certain areas of the country.

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