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War with Iraq

             As the United States has increased its stature as a democratic imperialistic super power, so has the threat to its nation's security- both its citizens and its military. The events of September 11th changed the way Americans viewed the world. We once thought ourselves as invincible because of our military strength; however, not even our powerful military could stop a surprising attack within our own country. Our attention has now turned to Iraq and their weapons of mass destruction. These weapons pose a severe threat to the citizens and the military personal of the United States. The Bush administration has clearly expressed our need for a regime change In Iraq so our nation and others will be secure. They've suggested using force as a last resort; however, before entering into any war we must keep in mind the just wart theory. We must also look at the social, economic, and political implications that attacking Iraq would have on our country and other countries throughout the world. .
             When it comes to the morality of fighting a war with Iraq, one must simply just consider the Just War Theory. In order for a war to be just, or morally correct, a war must fall under each principle of the Just War Theory. The first principle states that the decision to go to war must be decided by legitimate authority. The United States got this legitimate authority with congress giving the president the power to send troops into Iraq if he deemed it necessary. The second principle states that the war must be a defensive measure. As long as the U.S. goes to war with the intent of keeping the Iraqi government from producing weapons of mass destruction and changing the regime in order to better serve the people of Iraq, then the war is just. But if the US's intention were to control the oil trade within Iraq, then this would clearly not be a just war.

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