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War With Iraq

            There has been much controversy and media related propaganda surrounding the recent issue of whether America should go to war with Iraq. Millions of Americans support the cause to go to war with Iraq. While their cause may be justified somewhat, I believe most of these Americans are blinded by the propaganda that they see everyday on television and in the newspapers. Millions of Americans are also supporting the men enlisted in the military who are going to fight against Iraq. It's quite tragic how many of those men will be dying to keep the SUVs of America running on a full tank of gas. Most Americans do not realize that this war is just one huge mistake because there is no evidence of terrorism, economic problems will arise, and Iraq is already in a corrupt condition. This war concept is brought upon by George W. Bush to hide his failure at catching Osama Bin Laden and overturning Roe v. Wade. Bush most likely figured that starting a war against Iraq would help him solve his presidential problems and even boost the economy some. As a citizen of the United States of America, I feel that the president's decision to go to war in Iraq is an unreasonable solution to a non-existent problem. .
             My opposition to this situation is whole-hearted for the basic fact that we, as a nation, have no valid reason to invade Hussein's regime. The resolution passed by congress is completely unconstitutional and would be an example of preemptive war, which is within direct violation of international law. Many political figures have used the dull excuse that Iraq, and Hussein, is aiding and fostering Al Qaeda and 9/11 terrorists but this idea has not been proven. This claim that this attack is part of a campaign against terrorism demonstrates that our government are totally failing to recognize the root causes of terrorism. No evidence linking Iraq to Al-Qaeda has been found, and allies within the Middle East are totally opposed to any military strike.

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