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War, Iraq, and My Two Cents

             A war that is; but not just any war, a war between the United States and Iraq. But wait, didn't this already happen? In fact it did begin, and in a way hasn't ended ever since. But we won that war with our brilliant Desert Storm operation, didn't we? The news stopped reporting news pertinent to Iraq, President George Bush assured the U.S. of the victory, and over 100,000 Iraqi "Scuds" lay charred, mutilated, and strewn across the oil-rich, heat-laden wasteland. If the war was over, why was Saddam Hussein allowed to continue on with his devious plotting? Why didn't the U.S. finish the job and eliminate the main honcho, the big antagonist, the man who PO"ed the mighty United States? It seems that perhaps Big Daddy Bush didn't quite get the job done, and now Dubuyuh's going to take a gander at things and fix his Pa's mistakes. War, war, war, its nothing new to the English language, yet, why is such a small, three-letter word the source of so much pain and suffering?.
             Now more than ever does the brew of war with Iraq seem to be almost ready to be served. The U.S. (under Bush's and Powell's lead) has hastily entered itself into a conflict with an old enemy/ally: Iraq. "Ally?" you might recoil in repugnance, but it's true, for they do control our oil supply, and so therefore they are an ally. Enemy, well obviously, for their half-crazed lunatic leader decided to show Kuwait who's the boss. But we sure showed them who was boss. During our 1.5 month campaign we opened many fatal wounds in the Iraqi military that we thought could never be healed. But even after all of that, Saddam (safe and cozy in his caves and bunkers) still hadn't gotten the message. While his brainwashed troops were dying and frying, he was plotting his next ploys and schemes. Its almost amazing how such people come into power, but apparently the Middle East his such a desolate place that even the craziest of the crazy can become a nation's "George Washington.

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