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Political Propaganda Used in Advertising

            The title of this paper, Political Propaganda Used in Advertising, is a fitting title considering how much the American public is bombarded by it on a regular basis and does not realize it. The way cars, shampoo and other essential products are advertised to the consumer, so are political antics. Political propaganda is really nothing more than words with a story behind it, i.e. packaged goods. This is unnoticeable to the American public, but myself studying advertising and political science makes this stick out like a sore thumb. The American public is being spoon-fed false hopes and dreams through the people (politicians) who are suppose to be looking out for their best interest. Not that this is necessarily bad in all cases, what is bad is that the public has not learned of lesson of this over time. When you have a firm grasp of history you take note of the positive and negative things that have occurred over time and it would be fundamentally sound to say that the negative things in history you would not want to happen again. Taking Advertising 312, which discusses the history of advertising, I noticed that much of the political advertising propaganda of the past was still being used today, just with a slicker approach. I wanted to point out specific occasion from the past in which political propaganda was used in advertising as a way for the government to push it agenda with the public. The time in the past that I want to specifically look at is WWII and the Vietnam Conflict. Then by later fast forwarding to the current situation with Iraq and Afghanistan, the whole enduring freedom situation to show all the things that are surrounding this. The speeches, but actually commercials that are made by the current higher ups in power are something that will be written about. By documenting some of the political propaganda of the different time periods, hopefully the end result is that you will understand that things have not changed over time in regards to this, just evolved.

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