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Nazi Propaganda

             Like any other leader, Hitler recognized that for absolute control of the nation, he would have to have the support of the people. He would require total support from the people of Germany for his ideologies of Nazism to grow, and without the backing of the people, Hitler would not be capable of going to war, or committing the atrocities which occurred. The key success for the rise of Nazism in Germany was largely due to the introduction of a new wartime strategy. This strategy, mixed with the near perfect timing of the depression, would be used by an aggressive minority, to overwhelm and persuade the easily impressionable majority into mass conformity. For Hitler, this strategy was mass propaganda. Even before his rise to power, Hitler had already stated the importance of propaganda in his book Mein Kampf. Chapter six talks about war propaganda, and chapter eleven deals with propaganda and organization. Hitler had initially noticed the effects of propaganda during the First World War, when he saw the effect of British propaganda on the soldiers of the Central Powers. By 1921, Hitler had realized the significance of propaganda, "when [Hitler] entered the German Labour Party [he] at once took charge of the propaganda, believing this branch to be far the most important for the time being".# After writing many speeches and papers for the German Labour Party, he rose to political power quickly becoming the leader of the party. For the benefit of the Nazi party, Hitler was able to use propaganda to convince Germany to accept and further perpetuate his newly adopted ideologies. He would use it to convince the public of the Aryan myth, stating that they, the German people, were the dominant race of the world. It would also be used to turn people against Jews, Blacks, Slavs, Gypsies, and about everyone else that was not of German origin. With help from a global depression, Hitler's propaganda became easily digested by the citizens whom by then, were already growing tired of high levels of unemployment, and rising inflation.

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