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Nazi Propoganda comparative essay between Craig and Goebbels

             Josef Goebbels was the Nazi propaganda chief during the entire election period in Germany at the time of Hitler's election. So, naturally the majority of the posters and cartoons released during the election period will have been centered around Goebbels" views on "unity" and "surviving as a country, together" etc. Goebbels felt that the majority of the voters will respond to the ideas of lifting Germany up off the ground and supplying the German people with what they have needed and wanted for a long time. .
             Source 37 is a source that could be used to support either interpretation, because it shows the statistical side of things, displaying that, seemingly, all of the unemployed people in Germany supported the Nazis. This is a good way of showing the kind of effect Goebbels" posters and speeches had on people. Clearly he was good at his job, and was able to manipulate peoples" minds in the way Hitler did.
             Source 38 is a good example of the effect the parades and constant displays of discipline and order had on the people, giving them the impression of stability and tranquility in a time of chaos. It was these very things that Goebbles knew would win over the hearts of many Germans because they demonstrated Hitler's abilities as a leader.
             Not only did Goebbels want to provide the German people with a feeling of security by demonstrating order and discipline, but he also put a lot of effort into giving the German people a feeling of pride in their country. A feeling that many hadn't had in years. The way he gave people this feeling of pride was by showing pictures and cartoons of these "men of the land", who are the epitome of a "real" German man (Blonde hair, very strong and healthy, family man ). When people saw these images they went through a small stage of awe, then, immediately after laying eyes upon this person, the next name they saw was: HITLER.
             Another good example of the perfect poster is source 39, in which we see a very intimidating looking man, with big handcuffs wrapped around his wrists.

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