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Nazi Propaganda

            "The nation will be ours almost without a struggle" writes Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda director in his diary (358). The National Socialist German Workers" Party (Nazi) that was lead by Adolf Hitler had a successful rise to power by conveying the Nazi image to German voters through media and their sense of nationalism. Hitler used political propaganda and media to make his way to power in Germany, which made the Nazi party the first totalitarian movement to use these aspects to gain power (336). In the S.A. Order 111 of Adolf Hitler, it is stated "political propaganda tries to enlighten the opponent, to argue with him, to understand his point of view, to enter into his thought and to agree with him to a certain extent" (348). Within political propaganda Hitler uses many other ways to convey and make the Germans see what he sees in Germany and it's future. .
             The Nazi party and Hitler used many tactics to convey their messages to Germans in the 1920s and the early 1930s. One way that this was done was by the Nazi army called the SA. In 1926, Adolf Hitler made an order of how the SA will dress and act, this order was called S.A. Order 111. In this order it is stated that the SA will remain in "closed formation." This order would supposedly make a "deep impression on every German," because the SA were uniformed, disciplined, and committed to fighting. The Germans saw and sensed the commitment and determination of the SA (348). It seems that the Germans felt very intimidated by or proud of the SA and Hitler. The SA was the "most powerful forms of propaganda" used by Hitler to gain his power (347).
             Another way that Hitler manipulated the Germans to see Germany as he did was by hosting public mass political meetings. Some of these mass meetings ended in violence or led to more violence between the Nazi party and other parties. At rallies and mass meetings banners that supported the Nazi's were carried in processions (349).

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