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Nazi Germany

            Topic: Why did the German people support Hitler and the Nazi Party in the 1930's?.
             The German people supported Hitler and the Nazi Party in the 1930's because of various reasons. The main reasons were the way that the Treaty of Versailles took Germany's land from them, the weakness of the Weimar Republic and the economic crisis caused by the Great Depression. There were also some reasons that were secondary to these, such as Hitler's ability to draw people to the party through great public speeches, use of propaganda, and the way he got the SA (Sturm Abteilung) to force people to support the Nazi's.
             German people supported the Nazi Party because they were unhappy with the Treaty of Versailles. They didn't like the way that Germany was excluded from the Treaty and how it removed land from their possession. The Treaty gave Germany's land to countries such as Poland, France, Denmark and Belgium. They were also angry that the German leaders agreed to the Treaty and signed it. This may have helped to turn the people's support to the Nazi's, as they would have thought that the current government was weak and gave in easily. Their anger over the Treaty caused the German people to declare vengeance. They vowed to push forward with continuous work to reclaim their country's place among the powerful nations in order to rise above the rest of Europe.
             German people began supporting the Nazi Party due to the weakness of the Weimar Republic. This started after Germany started losing the western front of the war. This led to food shortages all over Germany, and the people started turning against the Kaiser. The Kaiser was forced to abdicate to Holland on 9th November 1918. That same day, the Social Democratic Party declared Germany was a republic. Elections were held throughout Germany in January 1919. The Reichstag were forced to meet in Weimar, which gave name to the new republic, even after the Reichstag returned to Berlin later that year.

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