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The Nazis and an Economic Miracle - 1933-1939

             Did the Nazi's achieve an Economic miracle?.
             Hitler had given the impression to many of the German people that he had saved their economy after the Wall Street Crash and The Depression of 1932. Between February 1933 and the start of  World War II, Nazi Germany underwent an "economic miracle," or so the leaders of Nazi Germany wanted their people to believe. Not only was the idea of an economic miracle sold to the people of Germany, the propaganda element also wanted the idea sold to Europe and to the wider world. But was there really an economic miracle in Nazi Germany or was it merely a card trick, one that appeared to happen but really did not? This "economic miracle" was based on unemployment all but disappearing by 1939. Many people believed that by getting people of the street and into work, Hitler had achieved an economic miracle. But was this true or did the  Nazi propaganda machine move into overdrive to persuade the nation and Europe that she had achieved something that other European nations had not during the time of economic depression? A number of policies were introduced into Nazi Germany by Hitler which caused the unemployment figures to drop. Hitler thought that by getting people off the street and into work made the illusion of economy recovery. However, it wasn't that simple.
             Women were no longer included in the statistics so any  women  who remained out of work under the Nazi's rule did not exist as far as the statistics were concerned. The unemployed were given a very simple choice: do whatever work is given to you by the government or be classed as "work-shy." Many of these people argued the case and later got put into concentration camps. At this point, the Nazis had their thumb over Germany, controlling and dictating their policies and laws. Jews lost their citizenship in 1935 and as a result were not included in unemployment figures even though many lost their employment at the start of Hitler's time in power.

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