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Germany and the Nazi Party

            There are many factors that explain the rise of the Nazi party. First of all, Germany has been defeated at the World War I in 1918. Because, in these years Germany has been struggling with economic crisis, political uncertainty and a lot of people were unemployed and inflation was over than to two digits and even about to % and German living standards decreased, people nearly could not even buy bread. As a result, Germany in these years known as Weimar Republic had to accept the Versailles Treaty whose conditions were very harsh because according to this treaty Germany had to abandon their lands and had to pay compensation. This treaty led to decrease of reliance to Weimar Republic and this treaty also led people to think that "some things go wrong, we are defeated, what will happen next?" In the beginning, Nazi Party with the leadership of Hitler did not get the response they wanted from Germany.
             However, with the Great Depression, Nazi Party started to get support from Germany. The people even do not know anything about Hitler gave their votes to Nazi party particularly because of this crisis. Because, in order to get over this situation they believed that they needed to change this political system and the only hope was the powerful leader and democracy was not the cure for anything. Hitler offered his Nazi Party to fix this situation. In addition, in 1920 a lot of people think that the reason for this economic crisis and political troubles was the German Jews. Because, Jews have P percent of German banks and € of German newspapers (mynet.com, 2011). National socialists (Nazis) way of perception against Jews was parallel to that. From the beginning Nazi Party and Hitler were nursing a grudge against Jews, they thought Jews should be out of the citizenship of Germany. Also they have determined to extinguish the race of Jews and they have killed many Jews. In this effect Nazi Party also got support from many people who are also against Jews.

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