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Social and Cultural Factors of Nazi Germany

            Germany had become heavily influenced by the Nazi Party in 1933-1939 under Adolf Hitler's growing power. Hitler's authority as fuhrer of Germany granted him the ability to reinforce Nazi ideology into German society. The changing social aspects in Germany aimed to exclude the Jewish population from the entertainment and many other factions as well as to purify Germany's social values with Nazi ideology. The cultural aspects in Nazi Germany had heavily influenced the youth, family life, sports, work, education, arts and religion by Hitler Nazifying Germany. A significant group that was targeted in this transformation was the 'Hitler Youth' which aimed to indoctrinate children with Nazi ideology. Because of this, women were also indoctrinated and as a result, they were classed as housewives whose sole purpose was to give birth to healthy Aryan children. The impact of the Nazi state under Hitler's rule was absolute. Hitler had utilised the constitution in favour of his Nazi Party to pass laws that would benefit Germany by segregating the Jewish people from social and cultural activities. The Jewish population was excluded from social and cultural activities as a result of the Nuremburg Laws. Consequently, terror and purges were inflicted upon the Jewish population by the Gestapo, whose role was significant during the event of 'The Night of Broken Glass'. The effort Hitler put forward in Nazi Germany would forever change the lives of the German people as his aim was to Nazify Germany in the period 1933-1939. .
             Nazi Germany in 1933 was a significant period which involved Hitler's self-election of fuhrer and the Nazis signing an agreement with the Catholic Churches. The transformation of Germany under the influence of the Nazis was granted by Hitler's absolute power as 'the father of Germany'. The treaty between the Nazi Party and the Catholic Churches was significant to the social and cultural life of German society as both sides had agreed to not interfere with each others' politics.

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