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Hitler's Rise

            The German Nazi or National Socialist political party was the platform used by Adolf Hitler to create a dictatorship that would, in one decade cause the German people enormous misery and shame. This fanatical political system was to gain popularity in the Old German Empire that was defeated in World War One and later by the great world economic depression. The polices of the National Socialists were offered to deprived and hopeless people for solutions to their economic woes. Also through some very crude tactics the Nazi party showed its readiness to end the turmoil in the streets and bring about an ordered social and political system. Firstly it must be pointed out that Germany and German refer to people who speak a particular language rather than a geographical area. This means that countries such as Austria, Switzerland and parts of Poland and Hungry could all be classed as Germans. Although these different groups all speak the same language they were all fiercely independent and resisted being united into one nation. Even the states within the nation of Germany were not happy with being part of a united Germany. Bavaria is a good example of this attitude. With Hitler's ways, there was no stopping the unity. .
             The grievances of the German people after World War One lay mainly with the signing of the Treaty of Versalilles in the late Spring of 1919. Twenty-seven victorious nations attended. Germany was not invited. The Weimar Republic was the political system that replaced the old imperial German Government after world War One. It was a mixture of allsorts of political ideas and not seen as a capable instrumentality to handle the circumstances of the German nation. This was one of the strong contributing factors to the rise of National socialism. .
             The terms of the Treaty were laid down by the allies without negotiation with Germany. The Treaty was designed to have maximum humbling effect on Germany.

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