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Hitler's Rise to Power

            In 1920, Adolf Hitler, an Austrian born German, became the leader of the German Workers' Party; later renamed the National Socialist German Workers' party (i.e. Nazi Party). After  going through a number of events while trying to rise to power, finally in January 1933, Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi party became chancellor. This essay will examine and analyse the different events that helped Hitler  become chancellor in 1933, such as the Treaty of Versailles, the Munich Putsch, legitimate tactics, the wall street crash, the great depression, his oratory skills and propaganda. It will be argued that while Hitler was able to use his brilliant oratory skills to gain support, his rise to power was due to a mixture of factors like the Treaty of Versailles, the propaganda campaigns, the ineffective Weimar constitution, the Legitimate Tactics, the Wall Street Crash, and the Munich Putsch. Those were crucial factors that helped Hitler rise to power in order to become chancellor in 1933.  .
             On May 1919, the terms Treaty of Versailles were announced and the Germans were in anger and bitterness. "Germany lost 10 per cent of its land, all of its overseas colonies, 12.5 per cent of its population and 16 per cent of its coal and 48 per cent of its iron industry. Its army was reduced to 100,000; it was not allowed to have an air force; its navy was reduced and Germany had to accept blame for starting the war and was forced to pay reparations. " Because of the treaty, it led to an inflation as well. Instead of solving the problem, the Weimar government decided to just printed more and more money to pay reparations to the Allies. The Germans were in outrage and were horrified that all the blame was put on their country. They did not feel as though they had lost the war at all and they certainly did not think they started the war. Germans strongly believed that the German government should have gone to the Paris Peace Conference to negotiate peace instead of admitting to defeat.

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