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Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power

            Adolf Hitler is considered to be one of the most evil and manipulative leaders in history. History books often focus on Hitler's cruel treatment of Jews and eventual genocide during World War II. However, there are not many books that reflect how Adolf Hitler rose to power and became the deranged man he was. A series of events changed him throughout his life and turned him into the absolute ruler of Germany. Such events as serving time in jail influenced his political and social views significantly. He wrote the famous "Mein Kamph" while alone in solitude with nothing but his thoughts. Adolf Hitler was molded as an individual during his upbringing, through trying times, and eventually developed manipulative tactics through propaganda. After gaining the trust of the population, he seized military and political control over Germany (The History Place, 2009).
             Baptized as a catholic from birth, Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in an Austrian town called Braunau am Inn. During his early childhood, he was heavily influenced by his father who was a mid-level customs official and his mother who was a home maker. Two significant events changed life for young Adolf when he was just six years old. First, his endless days of fun came to a close with enrollment in primary school. Second, his father retired from his job as a mid-level customs official with a full pension. These two consecutive events meant a lot of supervision and discipline from both his teachers and his father. Adolf's father was abusive and cruel to his older brother Alois. However, when Alois ran away, young Adolf was next in line for his father's ridicule and beatings. The Hitlers moved all over Austria throughout Adolf's childhood. Adolf never had a stable and trustworthy group of friends. Having no close friends mad Adolf feel isolated and cut off from those who surrounded him. This led to some mischief in school on Adolf's behalf.

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