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Adolf Hitler

            Adolf Hitler was born and reared in Germany. He was just like any other man, de-voted to his country. Hitler served as a soldier and a statesman. He gained the trust of mil-lions that fought and died in his name. We must understand how he gained and abused power. We must know the life and impact of the man who was once a madman and a po-litical genius.
             Adolf Hitler was born on Easter Sunday, April 20, 1889, in the Austrian village of Braunau. Hitler's mother Klara Polzl was a nice simple girl, twenty-three years younger than her husband, Alois Schicklgruber. Klara was the maid to Alois's children when she got pregnant by him. When Alois heard she was pregnant they were married at once. But the child she carried, and two more died before Adolf.
             Alois was not a loving father, he had a bad alcoholic problem, often abused his family, and visited mistresses. Alois Hitler died when Adolf was only fourteen. After Alois's death, Adolf had a burden lifted off his hands. He only stayed in school for two more years after his father died, and then dropped out at age sixteen. Hitler had only spent ten years in school. .
             Adolf was inspired to paint, it let him be a different person with his creativity. His mother, who had a lot of faith in him becoming a artist, gave him enough money to go to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. When Adolf was in Vienna, doctors found a tumor in his mothers chest. They operated immediately but she grew weaker as the months past. Hitler always tried to comfort his mother. At the same time, Hitler wanted to study art. In 1907 his mother gave him permission to take his inheritance from his father to support him in Vienna for one year and pay tuition. In October of 1907 the rector of the academy told Hitler that he was a architect, not a painter. After hearing that disappointment, he found out his mother was dying. Adolf was there for his mother in her last months. She died on December 21,1907.

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