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Adolf Hitler

             Adolf Hitler changed the course of history.
             There were many deciding factors that determined the kind of person Hitler .
             finally became. .
             Adolf's father was Alois, an illegitimate child, his mother was Marie .
             Schickulgruber. Alois took his fathers name Hitler before Adolf was born. Alois was .
             already a successful border guard when he was 18, and later became an Austrian customs .
             official. He retired in 1849 after 40 years of service. He was 58 and retired early because .
             of bad health. .
             After he retired he bought a nine acre farm near the small town of Hafeld. His .
             dream was to live a country life, but the farm took much more work than he expected. .
             Since his health was poor, he had a very hard time making a living on the farm. He had .
             always found that spending time with his children was irritating, but on the farm they were .
             forced to work side by side. This was difficult for Alois, who was very hard on the .
             children. He often beat them when they didn't mind. Adolf's father's main hobby was bee .
             keeping, often the mother had to remove 30 or more bee stingers at the end of a day. .
             Alois married his former house keeper, Klara Poelzl, in 1885 she was already .
             pregnant. Klara had three children who died when they were very young, before she had .
             Adolf. Five years late she had a daughter, Paula. Even though Klara was kind to her step .
             children she showed favoritism to her own children. Adolf was fond of his sisters but .
             never got along with Alois Jr., A step child from a previous marriage. .
             Alois Jr. especially disliked Adolf because their mother always loved Adolf more. .
             Alois Jr. resented his father, who often beat him with a whip for disobedience, and ran .
             away at the age of fifteen and never came home. He was jailed twice for theft and led an .
             unhappy adult life. He lived in Paris for a while and then moved all the way to Ireland, .
             but when Adolf became famous he moved to Berlin and opened a cafe hoping to take .
             advantage of his brother's popularity.

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