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Adolf Hitler

             Adolf Hitler, creator and leader of the German Nazi party, ranks in modern history with Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin as being among the most brutal dictators known to man. Hitler was fascist and was known as the Fuehrer or leader. He had the great power which he used for evil as he wanted Germany to rule the world. The exploitation of this great power led to the death of six million Jews, gypsies, mentally detective people and others who did not fit his plan for the great German "Super-race". Adolf Hitler was also one of the instigators of World War II.
             Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on 20th April 1889, the third son of Alois and Klara Hitler. Adolf's dream was to follow his mother's footstep as an artist, but unsuccessfully tried to get into The Vienna Academy of Arts, so he gave up and turned his interests to politics. At the outbreak of World War I, Hitler volunteered in the German Army. He fought with pride and was awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, but soon he was wounded and with his injuries was discharged. After World War I ended in 1918, Hitler becomes obsessed with the "Jewish Problem". He believed the Jews controlled the economy and the arts; he blamed them that he had been denied success. In 1919, Hitler involved himself in Political Parties and gradually gained popularity and power.
             The people of the time hailed Hitler as a leader and saviour of Germany, which had been badly defeated in World War I. The people under the Treaty of Versailles (which ended World War I) were crushed emotionally and financially as the Allies were forcing Germany to pay back war debts that it could not afford. There was much poverty and Hitler seemed to have the answers. In October 1929, the events of The Wall Crash in USA changed the lives of everyone in Germany- including Hitler's. USA called in loans that they had made to the Germans in the early 1920's; this is when businesses began to fail.

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