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Rise of Hitler

            "In one word to describe Adolf, it would be 'angry'" states Hitler's biographer John Toland (source 6), describing the man who would become the most infamous rulers of our time. Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th April 1889 in the small Austrian town of Braunau Am Inn to parents Alois Schicklgruber (who changed his last name to Hitler in 1877) and Klara PÖlzl. He was born into a life of discipline and their father often savagely beat him and his 3 siblings if they did not do as told. Whilst growing up, Hitler was surrounded by Catholicism, and being the devoted Christian he was, he eagerly listened to stories about the Jewish community and how they were the minority of religion. As the Jews were the smallest group in Germany, they were always an easy target for prejudice. As a young boy Hitler enjoyed playing Cowboy's and Indians, but books were also a major part of his life, especially stories about wars and the military. .
             One day, whilst rummaging through his father's book collection, Hitler discovered a picture book on the War of 1870-1871 between the Germans and the French. By Hitler's own account, this book became an obsession. He read it over and over, becoming convinced it had been a glorious event. He later stated in his "Mein Kamph," "It was not long before the great historic struggle had become my greatest spiritual experience. From then on, I became more and more enthusiastic about everything that was in any was connected with war or, for that matter, with soldering." In 1907, two dramatic episodes occurred that had an effect on Hitler's life. His mother, Klara, died of cancer, which sent Adolf into a state of dismay. But however, as a result of his beloved mother's death, Hitlers hate of Jews boiled as he blamed a Jewish doctor for not treating his mother carefully with her treatment. This hatred was at boiling point and only needed the events, which triggered World War 1 to confirm his patriotism.

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