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Reasons for Hitler's Rise to Power

            The events that occurred before and during the time of Adolf Hitler's political career played a huge role in his rise to power. There are speculations as to whether or not he would have come into power without these particular circumstances. The economics and sentiments that were brewing during the time period, as well as Hitler's tactics of influence, were what made him such an extremely powerful man. .
             1. Economics and Sentiments.
             The economic state of the entire country and the sentiments of the nation at the time period were enormous factors leading up to Hitler's rise to power. Numerous historical events eventually added up, preparing the people of Germany for the proper emotions they needed to elect the Nazi party into power. Germany and its people were still feeling the sting of humiliation from the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 that forced them to accept responsibility for the start of WWI, as well as pay many reparations for the war. The atonements left the country with less land and money than they had during the war.
             Even ten years later, when the Wall Street Crash of 1929 struck, it was hard for the population to forget the obligations thrust upon their country as compensation for other countries who were negatively affected by their actions in WWI. The Wall Street Crash was soon followed by the depression in the 1930's which landed Germany a heavy blow. Businesses went bankrupt, jobs were lost, and money and food became scarce. People were desperate for any seemingly viable solution. .
             2. Tactics of Influence.
             The desperate inhabitants of Germany found their solution in the form of a new type of leader who just so happened to have an extreme aversion to the Jewish people, communism, and basically anyone who did not agree with his views. Adolf Hitler, however, was an exceptionally charismatic man. (His Dark Charisma) His tactics of influence consisted of promises, inspiration, praise, and even included the instillation of fear for those who did not agree with his beliefs.

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